sachiyo takahashi



Sound Room

In the Japanese-tea-room-like Sound Room, the Sound Master invites guests to special sound ceremony. There is a ceremony table with 13 plastic tubes in the middle of the room. These tubes are connected to different spaces outside the Sound Room though long plastic tubes to collect sound from different environments. The guests listen to the sound by connecting special hollow tube headphones to the ceremony table. Using T-connectors, L-connectors and I-connectors, the guests can create multiple variations of sound mixes such as: multiple people listen to the same source, 'air mixing' multiple sources. The guests help each other by adjusting their body to support the tube structures as it grows. The Sound Master occasionally talks to the guests through 13th tube that is connected to the Sound Room itself. Sound Room is a playground for people to discover the hidden world of sound and to be connected to the others through sound and listening.